A killer true crime podcast of Solved & Unsolved murders.


is the producer, composer and writer for Murdercast. Perhaps most well known for the theme song for the hit TV show Operation Repo, which ran fourteen seasons on TruTV, his work can be heard on several advertising campaigns including The Moment Is Magic, a “Do The Dew” commercial from PepsiCo, and the re-boot of the Barbie line. Currently, he is composing music for the Emmy-Award-winning FOX TV show Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen. Always a fan of mysteries since reading his first Encyclopedia Brown mystery, Huge launched Murdercast in October of 2017.

Przemyslaw Kopczyk

is a veteran composer, sound designer and pianist from Vienna. Coming from a musical background, he has worked as a composer for over twenty years. His most recent works includes composing product demos for leading sampling library developers, sound design for television and scoring for the feature horror films Tsunambee and Z-Rex, to be released later this year.

Thomas Martwick

is a director, actor and special effects coordinator known for films such as the Decampitated (1988), Raiders of the Damned (2007), Tsunambee (2015) and Z-Rex , to be released later this year. Tom lends his vocal cords to Murdercast and we are thankful to have him voicing characters.

Milko Davis

is a full-time feature film director and writer, known for the cult classics: Merwitches: Fear The Black Lagoon (2018), Z-Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2017), Tsunambee (2015) and Raiders of the Damned (2007). He is also a professional voice over artist and is the face behind the ominous “movie voice” for Murdercast.

Ann Ching

is an attorney in Phoenix, AZ and has experience as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor. After serving twelve years as an Army JAG Lawyer, Ann taught at Pepperdine Law School and now practices in the area of legal ethics. Ann serves as a legal consultant to Murdercast.